We produce beef and pork here on our farm, which is then sold through the farm shop. We also purchase from local trusted suppliers when we need additional supplies, ensuring that we continue to be able to provide the customers with quality produce. The beef is hung for at least 21 days to ensure great tasting, succulent cuts of tender meat.. Our lamb comes from Andrew Williamson, Ridge Hill Farm, Utkinton. The fact that we produce our own meat and buy from local suppliers means we can provide full traceability on all our cuts, right through from field to plate.

  • Rose Farm Shop butchery
  • Rose Farm Shop butchery
  • Rose Farm Shop butchery


  • Home Produced and Local Beef and Pork
  • Home Made Sausages and Burgers
  • Dry cured Bacon and Gammon
  • Local Poultry
  • Local Lamb

Buy 5kg of Braising Steak and 5kg of Mince only £60!

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Buy 2kg of Minced Beef £13.50